Water Intrusion

Peachtree Water Intrusion Specialists

Black Canyon Environmental is an independent water intrusion testing company serving commercial and residential clients in Peachtree GA. We conduct comprehensive water tests to help detect unwanted water movement in parts of your building that can cause damage.

Every year, people in America spend millions of dollars on home repairs as a result of water intrusion. Though water intrusion from groundwater, wind-driven rain, or surface sources is common, locating them is a challenge.

In other instances, water intrusion may result from water vapor or condensation that naturally occurs in structures.

At Black Canyon Environmental, our water intrusion experts have successfully handled thousands of water intrusion inspections. Using this experience, we can virtually diagnose any water intrusion and provide workable solutions to reverse the damages.

We Save You Money

Every day, hundreds of homeowners are frustrated having spent huge amounts of money trying to stop water leaks. But regardless of all these efforts, the leak persists.

The truth is, contractors are amazing at what they do best, only not in detecting leaks, so they’ll jump to conclusions and in most cases, miss.

Let the water intrusion experts at Black Canyon Environmental save you money by providing accurate, on-time leak detection.

We Detect Any Type of Water Intrusion

Water intrusion often comes in diverse forms in residential and commercial buildings. But no matter the type of water intrusion problem, we can detect it all. Here are some common water intrusion problems we can detect:

  • Plumbing pipes leakages
  • Roof leaks
  • Groundwater intrusion
  • Leaks from missing tiles
  • Poor window installation
  • Blocked drains
  • Condensation from HVAC
  • Leaks from the water heater
  • Severe weather
  • Sewer lines back up
  • Outside flooding

Don’t wait until mold growth ruins your home and expose your loved ones to severe health complications. Our water intrusion specialists will detect, repair, replace, or install whatever is necessary to keep your home and loved ones safe.

Signs that You Need Water Intrusion Services

The following are signs that you need water intrusion detection services for your Peachtree GA home:

Mysterious rise in water bills

If your water bills rise without any valid reason, it can be a sign that there’s a leak. For a start, you can check if there are any leaks in the toilet or a leaking pipe in the kitchen or bathroom.

If none of these is the cause, it is time to contact a water intrusion expert in Peachtree GA.

Consistent mold growth

If there are leaking pipes in your residential or commercial property, that particular place will be very damp. As a result, mold will grow and spread in your home which is a huge risk to your health and structure.

So, instead of waiting until things get out of control, contact your water intrusion expert to detect the leak and provide the best solutions. Remember, the longer you wait to solve the mold problem, the more it spreads, and the more expensive it will be to remove.

Warped Flooring

If the water intrusion is from underground sources, your wood or laminate floor may start to warp. So if you notice any pronounced warping, especially in places that don’t experience lots of water or moisture, call water intrusion experts at Black Canyon Environmental.

Cracks in the Foundation

After some time, every foundation develops some cracks. However, if you suddenly notice some cracks in the foundation, it is a sign that there could be excess moisture or a leak.

It is important, however, to check for signs of water intrusion in other parts of the house such as mold growth. Also, if the areas outside your commercial or residential building are unusually damp, you need water intrusion detection services.

Searching for the Best Water Intrusion Services in Peachtree GA?

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs of possible water leaks in your commercial or residential property, call Black Canyon Environmental now. Our water intrusion experts will help in locating any leak and handle all repairs, replacements, and restoration services.