Mold Remediation

Mold is harmful and can be deadly, especially for people suffering from autoimmune complications, the little ones, and the elderly. Also, mold is a very serious threat to your property value.

If your home or office in Peachtree City has mold problems, getting professional mold remediation is critical. However, this is not a problem you can trust anyone to solve.

Black Canyon Environmental in Peachtree City has a reputation for being the number one mold remediation company in the region. Our mold remediation experts give their all to keep your property and your loved ones safe with the best mold remediation services.

FACTS About Mold Problem

When mold begins invading your home, getting professional mold remediation fast and safely is a top priority. Why? Because in as little as 72 hours, mold can spread in most parts of your home, leading to bad health and severe property damage.

See that minor water damage? It is enough to create unseen mold in your home!

Do you know that over 50% of homes in the US have mold now? Is your home safe or is it among the 50%? By preventing and restoring water damage, you will inhibit mold growth.

At Black Canyon Environmental, we use modern equipment and top-level expertise in mold remediation so we can eliminate the problem from the source. And while doing this, we ensure minimal disruptions to your home or business.

What Causes Mold?

  • Indoor moisture
  • Leaky roof
  • Indoor plumbing problem
  • Flooding
  • Damp basement and crawl space
  • Wet clothes inside your home
  • Outdoor drainage problem
  • Humidifier
  • Among other causes

In general, mold thrives in moist places where there’s excess moisture, relatively warm, not well-lit, and of course, places with poor ventilation. This can be in the attic, basement, crawlspace, bathroom, kitchen, and moisture from the HVAC System.

Signs of Mold Damage

If there’s mold damage in your home, you’ll first detect it through your smell sense. Then, you begin to see other signs of mold damage such as staining and discoloration.

Below are the major signs of mold problems in your commercial or residential property:

  • Paint damage
  • Damage to the drywall
  • Staining on the ceiling
  • Odor, especially in enclosed spaces

Mold Remediation Process

Besides leading to serious health issues, mold can cause severe property damage. The mold remediation experts at Black Canyon Environmental fully understand mold and has what it takes to handle any mold remediation job, big or small.

No mold damage is the same which is why we provide custom mold remediation solutions to our clients in Peachtree City. Here’s how we do it:

Contact Us

Mold remediation process begins when you make the first call. Our mold remediation experts will provide a FREE consultation so we can determine the right equipment and processes for your mold remediation needs.

Inspection and Assessment of the Mold Damage

Our mold remediation specialists will check for any signs of mold damage, hidden or visible. We use the best technology so we can detect mold even in hidden parts of your home or commercial property.

Mold Containment

Using proven mold containment techniques and special equipment, we‘ll ensure that the mold doesn’t spread further. Depending on the affected part of your home, here are a few ways we can do this:

• Completely seal the door with heavy plastic
• Cover the HVAC systems
• Cover shared airways
• Cover electrical outlets, light fixtures, and anything else that can allow the flow of air from the affected part of the house.

Air Filtration

Our mold remediation experts will use the best filtration equipment to get rid of all mold spores in the air. Also, using HEPA vacuums combined with air scrubbers, we’ll ensure that mold spores will not spread to other parts of your property.

Mold Removal

The mold remediation experts at Black Canyon Environmental will use top-quality antimicrobial treatment to get rid of all mold in your residential or commercial property. This process will also prevent new molds from forming.

And we don’t just stop at that… if the mold growth was heavy, we’ll remove and dispose of any mold-infested materials.

Deep Cleaning

Depending on your choice of mold remediation package, we may clean all decorative items, apparel, clothing, and decorations affected by mold.


This again depends on the extent of mold damage and may include:

• Drywall replacement
• Painting
• New carpet installation

If the mold damage is too severe, it can demand reconstruction of the affected parts of the building.

Schedule Your Mold Remediation in Peachtree City

If you need commercial or residential mold remediation service in Peachtree City, contact Black Canyon Environmental. Our mold remediation experts have what it takes to eliminate mold menace from the source.