Mold Inspections

Certified Mold Inspection in Peachtree GA

Do you suspect that your residential or commercial property in Peachtree GA has mold? Get mold inspection services from Black Canyon Environmental now. We provide affordable, thorough mold inspection services for homes, retail outlets, offices, apartments, condos, and healthcare centers in Peachtree GA.

For effective mold remediation, testing is a necessity. Our mold testing experts conduct thorough inspections for mold, water buildups, and mold spores while observing the highest inspection standards.

So, if your need residential or commercial mold inspections in Peachtree and the surrounding areas, give us a call.

How Our Professional Mold Inspection works

Mold remediation is key for the health and safety of your loved ones and property. This is why you need to contact a mold inspection expert fast if you suspect mold problems.

When you hire mold inspectors at Black Canyon Environmental, we’ll collect samples from different places in your building. The supports, wall interiors, foundation, and more, we’ll leave nothing to chance.


Our Mold Inspection Services Include:

  • Testing mold on surfaces and in the air in your home
  • Leak detection
  • Check moisture levels in your home
  • Analyze and document volatile organic compounds
  • Recommend the best mold removal and remediation if there’s mold in your home

Enjoy Your Home, Don’t Endure Mold

The board-certified mold inspectors at Black Canyon environmental will leave nothing to chance during the mold inspection process. Using modern technology and a wealth of experience, we’ll detect any contamination, mold sources, and air mold contamination.

We’ll also check the moisture content in your home since mold will only thrive with water. And after the inspection, provide a detailed report showing the real mold situation and the extent of the damage.

Also, as a full-service mold inspection, testing, remediation, and removal company, you can trust us to completely get rid of the mold problem.

When to Get Mold Inspection Services in Peachtree GA

If there’s mold in your home, you’ll definitely see it. This can be in cracks, corners of some walls, or on surfaces- growing, spreading, and causing more damage with every second that tickles.

Also, mold in your home or office may be in locations you can’t easily locate- in the duct, between walls, and other hidden locations. In other instances, mold will form tiny colonies that you cannot see with your eyes.

Here are situations that may demand mold inspection services for residential or commercial properties:

Water damage

Is your roof leaking? You’ve noticed a leaking pipe? Or maybe your basement is flooded? All these situations call for mold inspections.

If any part of your property experienced excess moisture and you were not quick to dry it- usually between 24 and 48 hours, you need mold inspection services.

Buying a new home

When buying a new home, it is impossible to know if that house experienced water damage in the past.
The best way to check if there’s mold in your new home is by hiring a professional mold inspector to
conduct thorough mold inspections.

You’ve not been to your home for a few months or even years

If no one has been living in your home for some time and everywhere is closed up, humidity may have
increased leading to mold growth. In most cases, this happens in warm places where the humidity is
very high.

After mold remediation and removal

A professional mold inspection will ensure that no mold remains in your home.

You noticed some mold

If you happen to see any green/ blue/ white substance growing around your home, you need mold inspection services.

Hire the Best Mold Inspectors for Your Peachtree GA Mold Inspections

  • Are you buying a new home?
  • You or your loved ones are always feeling sick?
  • Maybe you’ve noticed physical mold growth or there’s a strange odor in your property?
  • Contact Black Canyon Environmental today for professional mold inspection anywhere in Peachtree GA.

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