Crawlspace Intrusion

Crawl Space Intrusion Inspection and Repair Experts in Peachtree GA

The crawl space is one of the most neglected parts of most homes. Mold, water intrusion, and rotting as some of the common problems that may occur if your crawl space is left unattended.

At Black Canyon Environmental, we provide complete crawlspace solutions so you can enjoy a home free from toxic mold invasion. Our crawlspace intrusion experts will keep moisture out of your crawlspaces, keeping your home’s value intact and your loved ones healthy.

Whether you need crawlspace insulation or moisture barrier services, we are available to help now.

So Do You Need Crawlspace Inspection & Repair for Your Home or Office?

Taking proper care of your home’s foundation and crawlspace is one of the most important aspects of making your home last longer. But like most homeowners, you rarely check your crawlspace, making it hard to tell if there are problems that require expert help.

Your crawlspace may have excess moisture, still water, mold, falling insulation, or damaged vapor barriers. If you suspect any of the above problems in your crawlspace, getting professional crawl space intrusion services is a necessity.
Remember, any delays may result in severe mold damage to wood framing, foundation, and severe negative impacts on indoor air quality.

Licensed, Certified, and Insured Crawlspace Intrusion Inspection Experts

The crawlspace intrusion experts at Black Canyon Environmental are fully certified, licensed, and experienced in everything about crawlspace intrusion. We deliver accurate on-time crawlspace intrusion inspection reports so you can know the actual problem with your home.

Crawlspace Intrusion Inspection

Trusted Crawlspace Intrusion Inspectors in Peachtree GA

So, why should you worry about your crawl space?
As a property owner, protecting the value and integrity of your commercial property is really important. Ensuring that your crawl space is safe and free from mold and water damage is a top priority.

Some people use crawlspace for storage, others leave it blank. But whether you use your crawl space or not, it remains an important part of your home.

The crawl space inspectors at Black Canyon Environmental know how important your crawl space is and it deserves top-quality maintenance. Also, we know that your crawl space has a huge impact on your home’s:

  • Air quality
  • Long-term maintenance costs
  • Energy efficiency

During the inspection, we’ll check for diverse concerns including:

Mold growth

the presence of mold is a sign of high moisture in your crawl space. Mold is a major risk to your health, especially when you inhale it. Also, mold can affect the stability of your home as relies on wood, drywall, and more to survive.

Standing water

our crawlspace intrusion inspectors will check if there is any stagnant water in the crawl space.

Structural damage

we’ll check for sagging/ settling columns that support the floor. We’ll also check if the floor is even, wood rot, and cracks in the building’s foundation.

Damp soil

for crawlspaces that are exposed dirt floors, it’s not uncommon for it to be damp. However, the moisture in the soil may lead to other problems such as mold and wood rot.

If we find some of the above problems with your crawl space, it is an indication that you need to act. Our crawlspace intrusion inspectors will give thoughtful recommendations to completely get rid of the water leak.
Whether your crawlspace is vented or in any other condition, we’ll find solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Crawl Space Intrusion Repair

If you ignore crawlspace intrusion, you may incur severe damages that will be expensive to repair. The floor joists, support beams, and block walls, among other structural components, will get damaged.

Most homes in America are designed such that air flows from the bottom to the top. This means that the air getting in through the crawlspace will find its way to all parts of your home.

If there’s mold in your basement, the mold spores will circulate to all parts of your home, leading to poor health.

Black Canyon Environmental is the Go-to Crawlspace Repair Company in Peachtree GA

Whether you already know the actual problem with your crawlspace or you are even afraid to check it out, our crawlspace intrusion experts can help. With many years of experience and the latest technology, we guarantee to get your crawlspace repairs right.

Here are some of our crawlspace intrusion repair services:

  • Mold remediation and removal
  • Still plates repair
  • Floor joists repair

Crawlspace encapsulation

If you’ve been struggling with crawlspace intrusion in your home, crawlspace encapsulation may be right for you. This will help to manage moisture coming into the house from the earth.

Here are signs that you require crawlspace encapsulation:

  • Your crawlspace usually gets wet when it rains
  • Presence of mold
  • The air in your home is humid
  • Presence of mildew odor in your home
  • Wet wood structure
  • The insulation in your crawlspace is wet
  • High heating/ cooling costs
  • Cracked/ warped floors
  • Standing water in the crawlspace
  • Asthma/ allergies in your home

Whether you notice one or all of the above conditions in your crawlspace, the integrity of your crawlspace is really important. The health and safety of your home depend on the air coming from your crawl space.

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